Thursday, December 21, 2006

No, Not The Cable Wrap, But A New Project, SURE!

Earlier this week I kidnapped my sister and subjected her to the horror of Christmas Errands Superstarra style. We ran all over the place, and one of our stops was the infamous Velona Needlecraft. Now for those not in California, Velona is a LYS on steriods. A lot of yarn in plastic bags stuffed in cubbies. It's yarn overload...if that's possible. I'm amazed they can find anything. Anyway, picked up some lovely Noro Silk Garden Lite for our oldest sister's Argosy scarf. I think that it's going to be loverly. I've never knitted with Noro before, so I'm looking forward to the experience. I sent her these two pictures and told her that it was her Christmas present and that she'd get it before the end of winter...if not in time for next year.

Then again, she may be lucky if she ever gets it.

Added: I just realized that I'm using the same color as the pictured on the Knitty site. And for those of you who warned me about the joy of this yarn...I didn't just buy 3 skeins in the pink/purple/grey colorway. I didn't, I didn't!!!