Saturday, December 09, 2006

New, New, New!! And Yet Nothing New.

Don't you love when posts start with "I've been so busy"?

Well, the Holidaze are full swing here in Superstarra-ville. Between buying new cameras, new cars, new clothes and presents for friends and family, I have neglected to work on seaming the Cable Wrap. I should have wet blocked it when we were having 80 degree weather earlier in the week...but of course, I only have time when Mother Nature blesses us with a bit of rain. Nothing like waiting for cotton to dry in wet weather. Lemme watch that water boil while I'm at it. Thank you, everyone for all your well wishes on getting it done. I promise to have pictures next week. It will be done before the end of next week!!!

Lastly, I wanted to share these two pictures taken [with my new camera, the Canon Powershot A620] of my sister's lobby's Christmas tree. I understand the Poppy Ornament may have seemed to be a little creepy in the last two posted pictures. Yes, I agree, headless dolls don't sceam Yuletide Cheer. But I thought maybe in the context of a Christmas Tree it wouldn't seem so..'disembodied doll head hanging from a string creepy-ish'. So, on my last visit with her, I presented my sister with the ornament. She told me that it wasn't so morbid in person and that in the context of the tree it was 'really cute'. So, what do you guys think? Mordid or a little 'disembodied doll head hanging from a tree limb kind of sweet'?