Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Update

Thanks to those of you who gave you opinion on the Poppy Oranament. After whining to my sister in an attempt to convince her it might not be as creepy as it seemed in the picture, I think that I've brainstormed a way to make it less shruken head-ish. I'll keep you posted on the modifications. Iris, I am not trying to scare your or anybody else's 7 year old.

This weekend...ugh...I've been so busy. Saturday we went paintballing. It was quite an experience. I had never been before, and honestly, I doubt I would do it again. I was only shot twice...once by my clavicle and once in the wrist. I whimped out early and sat at a picnic table with the Cable Wrap sleeve. I was able to make quite a bit of progess on it until later in the evening at home when the injury to my wrist made the repeatitive motion painful. Since I couldn't knit comfortably, I decided to weave loose ends on the rest of the sweater pieces.

Today, we had a brunch down in the OC, which was a lovely get together with the extended-extended family. The car ride afforded me the opportunity to finish sleeve number one and complete the ribbing on sleeve number two. I should be able to finish the sleeve in the next day or two then face my next challenge with the sweater, picking up 250 stitches around the neck and working 3cm of ribbing.

Fun stuff. Can't wait.