Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thanks for the suggestion!

Under the advisement of my buddy Kim, I decided to knit the Noro Silk Garden #2013 into an entrelac scarf. I didn't think that I wanted to make one [who wants to challenge oneself? That shit looks complicated!], but so many of the pictures of completed scarves were so lovely that I decided to join the club. Better than yet another Clapotis, right?

So, I bought a copy of Scarf Style yesterday since everyone seems to have had luck with the Lady Bracknell or Lady Heloise or Dame Judy Dench [or whatever her name is] Stole. Since I'm using much thinner yarn, I'm knitting up a few repeats to determine wide and long of a scarf I can get. I usually prefer skinny scarves, but lately I've been liking them a really wide. That also meant acquiring another 2 balls of #2013. Just for good measure. Hmmm...maybe I should have gotten 4. Oh well. Right now, I've got 5 squares going which is measuring 9" wide. That's not too bad, right? It's been a very interesting process so far...I should have some progress shots later.

Back to work! See ya!