Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Phoenix: Lady Eleanor

Lady Eleanor: An Experiment In Weights and Measures.
Everyone put on your lab coats and safety goggles. Today's lesson is about to begin.

Here was Lady Eleanor tacked to my cubicle wall yesterday. Not a bad start, huh? I had cast on 40 stitches, which gave me 5 base triangles. This incarnation of Lady Eleanor's cast on edge measured about 9".

Here is L.E. this morning. The length at this point, after 5 repeats is about 5". Although this is not a part of the scientic process, I'm very pleased with the color changes. You know how I feel about varigated yarn.

Now, in an effort to figure out how long of a scarf I would produce over my 40 cast in stitches, I weighed my unknit ball of yarn. It weighed 28g. The original ball weighed around 50g.

Now, since the scarf at this state measured about 5", I guesstimated that the entire ball would knit up to around 10". So, all 5 balls, at this rate, would produce a scarf 50" in length.

That's just too short.

So, This incarnation of L.E. bit the dust at around 7:15am, PST. She will be sorely missed.

The Phoenix: Lady Eleanor, however, has risen for the ashes. I cast on this morning and have completed the base triangles. I've also learned a few things that I will encorporated into The Phoenix.

First off, I took my cast on down to 32 stitches. I also did the backward cast on called for in Scarf Style, rather than any old willy-nilly cast on [the original cast on edge was a little too tight]. I also realized about 2 repeats in that the instruction to P2tog looked better if I SSP. The problem might stem from the fact that I am left handed. I've also found that with the backward cast on, it's much easier to knit back and forth rather than knit, turn, purl, turn, knit...especially at the beginning when I was only working a few stitches.

So, what did we learn today? I want your reports on my desk by 9am tomorrow. Also, if my guesstimation was wrong, please don't let me know. I'm an actress, not a scientist...although I could play one on TV.