Friday, February 16, 2007


Do we, as bloggers, outgrow each other? Is that something that is just understood in the blog community...that one day, a frequent commenter may not visit anymore? I'm sure some folks have outgrown Superstarra-ville, just as some of the blogs I used to read frequently two years ago have fallen by the wayside. There are a lot of reasons why we may fall out of touch as bloggers. I could come up with a few reasons, but I'm going to throw the question out to you.

Why do you stop reading a blog?

Is it because the blogger consistently complaints about the same stuff? Uninspiring projects? Too many non-craft posts? Too political? Too many pictures? Not enough pictures? The fact that no matter how many times you've visited someones blog, they never acknowledged you?

Also, I'm looking to add some cool new blogs to Super Co-Starras. I haven't updated the links on that site for a while now, and since I'm planning on doing an overhaul, I thought I might as well add to it. If you're not on my listing let me know [Leigh, I've already put you back on ;)]. And if I'm missing someone cool, I'd love to have some new links.

Thanks everyone!

Oh, the yummy looking cupcake was just that, yummy looking. I somehow find that those bakeries that charge $3 and $4 are kinda dry. Why is it that the ones you buy at the supermarket in a package of 8 are always moist, tasty and have the added bonus of cute little plastic rings in the top? Sometimes you don't always get what you pay for.