Monday, February 19, 2007

New Year, Old Projects

I came to the end of my 3rd ball in Lady Eleanor, and decided the she and I needed some 'alone' time.

So...what to work on?
Well, let's dig through the pending basket and see what's still on the needles.

1. Soul - I'm actually almost done with this. I think that I'm on the last few increases before a few centimeters of straight-away and then the big bind off. Lady E is getting pretty heavy, so Soul may become my travel project.

2. Butterfly
- Still in the cocoon. Not even ready to face that one.

3. Snowball's Chance in Hell Scarf - Oh...yeah, two years in the making. I have a new ball to add on and continue in stockinette for yards and yards and yards.

4. Ariann - This was getting so heavy my arms ached from working on it. Since I bought yarn and needles specifically for this project, I'm certainly going to finish it...and probably give it to gf.

5. Rebecca Wrap Sweater
- I'm finally sucking it up and facing my fears. And y'know what? It only took a few moments to figure out the problem. The number of stitches I bound off was short by 2, because I misread the neck decrease section. Not only that, I utilized the bind off instructions for Soul, which ate up another 4 stitches on each side. Um...maybe having 5 projects on the needles at once isn't wise. So, I've already corrected the problem on one side and am getting ready to fix the other. Then some shoulder and side seaming, armhole installation and picking up those 250+ neckline stitches.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on my last post...I love you all...until you drop me off your Bloglines subscription. You can tell me I'm boring, we're all friends here. ;)