Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Color Issues

Well I finished Go For Baroque. I'm so happy it's done. Details and pictures to come, of course. I love the design [and am having nightmares of being forces to crochet rows and rows of shells], but I'm not 100% on the color of the yarn. I remain positive that it will be fabulous once I get it put together with the right outfit. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I didn't blog about it, but last week I started Violet Beauregard . I came home one night and my fingers hurt so much from working Go For Baroque, that I had to switch over to something softer. For Violet, I'm using Katia Austral [50% merino 50% acrylic] that I bought about 3 years ago...even before I started this blog. The main color is going to be this peacock blue that was originally intended to be Hearten [I still love that sweater, but doubt I'll ever get around to making it]. For the skirt's frilly hem, I have some left over yellow Katia from the Cloud cardi I made [I love that sweater, but sometimes that much yellow is a lot to take on all at once. And, the sweater itself is a lot shorter than I'd like. LESSON LEARNED: Beware of patterns that feature seated models!]. For my third hem frill color, I have decided that I will dye some of the yellow either green or navy. Probably green. And for modesty's sake, I'm going to dye some light-weight material at the same time to line the darn thing.

Then there's Walking After Midnight. Color issues, big time. The color in the book is Patons Grace navy, which I love, but isn't available at Michaels. So, I bought some in natural thinking it would work out...but never felt like it was the right color. I thought maybe I would dye it red [I was inspired by Nake-id Knits] but red is very tricky and I didn't want to possibly screw it up. So I'm feeling a little disillusioned. More to come, I'm still searching around for a good solution...and may have found an answer.