Monday, April 09, 2007


How far are we into Spring?

Under normal circumstance, I would have a long list of projects and challenges for myself, but I'm just not feeling the list love right now. I've been a little flighty and feel like just working on what interests me at the moment...without any set goals. I'm looking forward to getting my current projects off the needles as soon as possible...if not sooner.

I guess if I have one goal, it would be to use as much yarn from my stash as possible. I have some decent stuff and I just need to make use of it! It's time to lighten my load a bit. Call it Spring Cleaning. And I'd also like to try a little more crochet...but I'm staying away from making lists, so I'll just keep myself open and let the projects come as they may.

I hope to have at least the Powder Jacket completed this's only two long can that take? I think my right hand has had enough rest that getting the sleeves done should be a breeze. Wish me luck!