Thursday, April 05, 2007


GF had a meeting yesterday, so I went along and kept the car company. Can you tell I'm desperate to get out of the apartment, but have nowhere to go? I'm not that lame...she was running late and it took less time for me to drop her off than for her to have to park and walk to the building.

So let's see where I am with things.

Powder Jacket
I was playing with the macros setting on the camera. I think this might actually be an almost accurate representation of the ASC color. But it still looks gray, so I'm just going to give up wishing that it looked more green in pictures.

The completed Powder Jacket back, fronts and waistband. Of course you can't see it all because I was in the car and it's all folded up. I really can't believe all of these parts knit up so quickly. I'm telling you, I love that All Seasons Cotton.

The humble beginnings of the sleeve. I've completed all the yarn over increases and have a few more cm of of straight-away before the sleeve cap shaping. I want it off the needles now, but I still have a second sleeve to make! GRRRR!!!! I was speeding along when my right hand started hurting on the purl rows, so unfortunately, I had to take a break.

Go For Baroque
Well, I had thought ahead and along with my camera, I brought the Rowan Cotton Glace, which I have decided will become the Go For Baroque sweater. I suppose you're wondering how long this meeting was going to be if I decided to bring along two projects. It wasn't that long...I just wanted to be prepared...and I am so excited to start this sweater.

After a few false starts [like having to do row 1 four times because I somehow kept coming up one shell short], I was able to complete 9 rows! I'm pretty sure my gauge is correct, but being new to this, I'm not 100%. Regardless, isn't it pretty? The Cotton Glace is working up beautifully and isn't drying my hands out too much. Also, my right hand wasn't doing much, so I could crochet without irritating it at all. Now if I could just do something about the burning in my left forearm from all the twisting. I just can't win!

Here is an Up Close and Personal shot of the shell pattern and yarn. Seeing it now, this sweater will be very nice in this color.

This crochet thing goes pretty quick, let me tell you. My mom, "Mrs. Amazing With Everything Crafty", gave me a quick tutorial last year, but I must say SNB: The Happy Hooker is a great instruction book. Not only that, included is the Go For Baroque along with some other very cutie-pie patterns.