Thursday, May 24, 2007

...And The Lord Leadeth Me To Stockinette...

...and it was good.

Well, I decided to take everyone's advice and give Walking After Midnight a well deserved break. I have to agree with Stacey, that my anticipation to finish is getting the best of me. I think most of the mistakes were made on rows that I had ripped back and recrocheted. No more crocheting complicated patterns on an empty stomach or at 1 in the morning.

While I regroup, I decided to pick up a new project. One that is a lot of stockinette. One that is mindnumbingly boring.

Hello, Tunic with Lace Pattern #42 [that name is so damn creative and really distinguishes it from all the other tunics with lace patterns]. I've had my eye on this sweater for years. I wanted to knit it for gf, but she didn't like it. So here I am! Knitting it for me.

This one is from Rebecca #27. I'm knitting in the called for yarn, GGH Safari in lilac. But since it's just one size [34/36] I'm a bit concerned. I normally make the 36/38 size in the Rebecca designs, so if I omit a decrease or two it should make up the difference, right? I have more than enough yarn. The finished measurements on the diagram is 45cm which equals out to 17". But since that's only 1/2 of the front, the finished measurement will be 34". That seems small. I don't really know about all that ease stuff, so I'll have to do some serious weighing and measuring when I get home. It's always better to have a little 'wiggle room' in one's tunic, right? Especially since I'll probably be wearing a tank under it.

Why is it even the patterns that seem like they would be easy are turning out difficult?