Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CRAFTING: No Acting Content

Thanks to everyone who played along with my little quiz. I guess it was an easy one!

Yes, it is my family tree! The flowers represent each one of my immediate family's birthstone colors. Dad [July-ruby] is the center left flower and Mom [January-garnet] is the center right. At the top of the tree is my oldest sister [December-blue topaz]; brother #1 [May-emerald]; sister #2, aka Smoochie, [April-diamond]; brother #2 [October-opal] and me [August-peridot].

I'm really happy with how this little tree turned out. I crocheted the flowers using embroidery floss. The most challenging was brother #2's opal flower. I took 4 strands of the white, one strand of pink and one strand of green. Trust that it's cute in person.

If you're looking for granny squares [not that you would be] you can find many, many motifs here.