Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm One Years Old

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!! I can't believe I'm one already! Wow! It's been a great year and I'm so humbled by all the love I received whenever I post. You guys are so welcoming and open...I love you all!

We kept the "Poppy Birthday Celebration" pretty lo-key, with a nice sushi dinner and a martini toast in my honor.

I guess I felt like we've been celebrating over the past two weeks.

As for birthday gifts, I actually received my gift a few weeks ago. You might have noticed it on the Tragic Kingdom episode of PSAT.

If not, here are the details....


Pattern: Poppy's Zen Ribbon Top
Yarn: Leftover Berrocco Zen Color ribbon yarn
Needles: size 7, I believe.
Exposition: This is a great little top that Christie whipped up for me one afternoon when she should have been organizing her messy desk. She just made up the pattern, if you can believe that. She just casted on 40 some-odd stitches, knit straight, and when it was the length she wanted, she bound off on each side for arm holes and there you have it! I think the color brings out my eyes and I especially love the back.

It laces up the back! Christie crocheted a length of yarn across the neckline and then just laced the excess through. Easy, pretty and elegant. As you can see, I still have my VIP armband from Coachella on my wrist.


Pattern: Poppy's Green Skirt aka: Doll's Dress Pattern from the Rebecca website. It's the pattern grouping of the silly multi-color loopy sweater, skirt and hat. I would link it, but it's a PDF file, so you'll have to find it yourself.
Yarn: More leftover yarn from some project.
Needles: Who knows?
Exposition: This skirt is so cute! It was a little funky until it was properly blocked into submission. It's a wonderful addition to my non-existant wardrobe. I might have to check the leftover stash and get Christie to make a few more of these for me.

Take care everyone!