Thursday, June 28, 2007

On The Decline


I made it throught the morning and after eating lunch, I went over to meet up with Squirrel for a little Stitch and Bitch/Peanut Eating under the tree. When I arrived, there was some old man sitting there...sketching away on a pad [behind him is Ink and Painting Building, so it was probably something other than leisure drawing]. I sat across the way and shot him dirty looks because that bench was 90% in the shade and this bench was 90% in the sun.

So, I waited to see if Squirrel would show up. At least so I could take his picture. As a result, I was distracted and didn't get much knitting done.

I've finished up the lace portion and am now working the sleeve increases. Only 28 rows away from the armhole bind off. SO CLOSE!

This is the offending non-shade shade tree. Not only did it subject me to my own sweat, it threw a little berry at me! Honestly. A little but of sun I can deal with...

...splinters in my ass, I cannot!

So needless to say, SNB/PE was a total bust. That damn Squirrel didn't even had the decency to leave me a voicemail or to send an e-mail to cancel. He has opposable thumbs, so there's no excuse. Bastard.