Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Temping: Day 3

Hump Day. Wednesday. Midweek. If I can make it through today, it's all downhill. I did a little knitting on the way in today. Not too much. A nice lady on the bus asked me how to do a yarnover. We were both left-handed [although we had different knitting styles], so I did. She got it. I think. I also knitted this afternoon. I had an informal Stitch-n-Bitch lunch with a squirrel. He seemed annoyed if I made any sudden moves. I was annoyed by his audibly eating peanuts and his nasty peanut breath. We might meet up tomorrow. Nothing else going on. Just counting down the time. Tick tock. Tick tock. It's enough to drive someone crazy. Most of the clocks here are digital, but their silence is mocking. Silently mocking me. '2:46,' says the clock. I look up two hours later and it's emblazoned with the numbers: 2:48. Mocking. Rubbing my face in it. If I were at home, on the outside, I'd be getting ready to watch Oprah. Oprah! Even if it were a repeat episode. I'd still watch. My only consolation is that my Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl is here keeping me company. And warm. Damn central air.

I need some chocolate.