Monday, July 23, 2007

I Got Nothing.

I have no knitting content. What I do have is a weekend recap. A very short weekend recap. And a journey of self discovery. Do I have your attention yet?


Saturday, gf and I hung out and ran errands. All day. Some fun, some mundane. Saturday night we were invited to a friend's birthday at a trendy hotel bar. Since we had bought some shoes earlier in the day, we decided our new kicks needed an outing and we would go until our feet hurt.

I asked my shoes to talk to me. What to wear? Many choices, but the shoes weren't feeling them. We settled on one outfit together then I came across a little top that I don't ever remember being bold enough to wear [although gf said I had worn it once before].

This is that top. Yes, it's gold. Yes, it's chain-mailey. Yes, it's totally backless. Yes, I've got about 15 pounds that I could stand to lose.

But hell, I'm old enough that I can put something on, feel good about myself and anyone who has a problem with it can go to...well, you know. So I paired this metal handkerchief with some jean capris, my shoes and some gold accessories. I took along another top in case I didn't want to expose myself like that, but I finally got over myself and fell in love with my body [in that moment] and let go any common sense that would have said 'grab a long jacket'. I felt cute, dammit! I checked with gf to make sure I didn't look too trashy and she said I looked great. So away we went. And you know what, despite a bit of chub hanging out, I embraced my body and didn't make any [or at least very few] apologies. The drinks helped. :) And you know what, we had a great time.
Wow, I'm becoming a real woman, huh?

I blame this new boldness on the shoes. Aren't the DIVINE? I think this Hale Bob dude is becoming my new favorite shoe designer [Of course I have to wait until they are on sale. Then with 40% off. Only then might they be in my price range]. Not only are they pretty, but they're so comfortable. I had these babies on from 10pm when we left the apartment until 4am when we finally got home. Oh, love!

This is the detail that pushed me over the edge.

Did someone hear my secret shoe prayer? You don't understand! I was a little brown Cinderella when I slipped these on! At the bar, I caught myself basking in their beauty more than once. Ah...enough of my beautiful shoes. This isn't The Manolo's blog after all. Don't be surprised if they dictate some knitting project.

Speaking of beauty, I have been inspired by the pictures my friend Moni has been taking over the past few weeks. So I'm totally copying.

This is what I was greeted with when we got home from Virginia. Don't you love bulbs? They're like little garden surprises!

This was me trying to be Robert Mapplethorpe.

A few days later, the lily closed up a bit and started to turn purple! So beautiful!

See you later, and maybe I'll have some knitting content then!