Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knitting...Live From The Tragic Kingdom!

Well, I'm completing my first full week here at the Tragic Kingdom. It's not so bad. And I'm trying to make my little cubby hole my own little home. So, I've brought a few things that keep me happy during the day.

Of course that means the Poppy-head has taken up permanent residence. As you can see by that tiny sliver of light to the right of the Poppy-head, I have a semi-view of the outside world. Thank god! I need my natural light!

You can also see one of my two new plants. I had bought these really pretty self-watering African Violet pots for my mom years ago at the Sawdust Festival. The haven't had a plant in them the past few years, so I rescued them from the weeds in the front yard and now they have two new plants that I am desperately trying not to kill.

My desk came stocked with an old ratty mousepad. Lucky me! I tossed it this morning and replaced it with this little guy. Isn't he too cute? I found him at Borders of all places!

I also decided to bring my crime fighting Christie doll with me. She kicks ass and makes sure none of my stuff gets lifted. Here she is looking annoyed and working on her laptop [that's her red phone next to her]. I think she was upset that one of my coworkers pointed at her and asked 'what's that?'. Like she had never seen a Christie doll in a corporate environment before. Sheesh.

Also, Hank came to keep me company. He sometimes does recon for Christie when she notices someone suspicious...especially that one co-worker. I"m telling you, don't cross the Christie doll.

And now...on to the Knitting Content portion of this post!

Sleeve #2
We're on repeat #12 of 15 before the sleeve cap bind off. Thank god! I want this off my needles so bad! I was hoping to finish it this weekend, but it looks like it's going to have to be sometime next week. We have a birthday party Sunday afternoon and I decided an hour ago to crochet up a Sweet Pea Shawl as a gift. So I'm going to try to get as much of the Cropped Jacket done today during lunch so that I can start on the shawl tonight.

I hope I have some yarn that will work!