Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Walking With Me Lord, The Epilogue


Pattern:Walking After Midnight from Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan
Yarn: Crystal Palace Breeze, 100% cotton in Enchanted Forest
Needles: Size I
Exposition: She's not completely done, but I didn't want to leave for Virginia Beach without posting a picture. The jury is still out on this one. I still need to find material for a lining [in the pictures I'm wearing it over a cotton skirt for modesty's sake] and make a drawstring.

Let's start with the yarn. The Breeze is a nice yarn, but it is splitty. When I chose this yarn, I was trying to find the right color at the right price. The yarn called for is Patons Grace, but I was eager to chain on and couldn't find the color I wanted quickly and easily. Enter Breeze yarn in Enchanted Forest. The Breeze is much heavier and thicker than the Grace. So to compensate, I went up two hook sizes and the gauge was right on. Unfortunately, I think the skirt stretched out due to the weight of the garment paired with the open lace work. The skirt pattern itself is so beautiful, the I might suck it up and make another [and with the exception of Clapotis, I don't really revisit patterns], but this time I'll just get the Grace.

Once all the crocheting was completed, it was too big...I could pinch about an inch worth of fabric. It would almost stop at the widest point of my hips, but any movement and it was around my ankles [and that was over pants!]. So I washed it in some warm, warm water. It still needs a really good blocking, but that will come. To make up for the excess fabric, I went down two hook sizes for the 3 row waistband. And now it's perfect!

Overall, the making of this skirt wasn't too complicated, there were a few bonehead moments when I would miss an increase and have to frog back 6 rounds [and the farther along you are the more painful it becomes to pull out], but keeping any eye on what one is doing and paying attention will alleviate that.

Beyond my own boneheaded-ness in regard to yarn and stupid mistakes, I enjoyed making this skirt. It was tedious at points, but done right the pay off will be more than worth it.