Monday, August 06, 2007

On Par For Another FO

Pattern: Perdita from Knitty [green - lily of the valley pattern; purple - lilac]
Yarn: DMC Coton Perle #5
Needles: size 1 DPNs
Exposition: I tried to start these in Virginia. But while on vacation I had no idea what SSK meant. I was slipping two, knitting the third then passing the two slipped stitches over. It wasn't til we were home on the plane that I remembered. Anyway, these were pretty easy to make. I didn't bother with the beads but I may next time, since I have yet to experience the joy of knitting with beads. Raverly was a big help with this pattern, a lot of knitters noted their bracelets came out too big and/or that the bracelets don't stay buttoned. My wrist measured 6", so I knit the small size and hoped for the best.

After a little haphazard blocking, I skimmed the finishing instructions, and now realize I didn't really follow them. I used the bind off yarn for the button holes and the cast on yarn to attach the buttons. Rather than just sew the buttons on, I single crocheted across the edge and crocheted the buttons on to the bracelet.

I also single crocheted across the bound off edge and adjusted the buttonholes so that it wouldn't slip off. During the golf outing, I wore the green bracelet until the photo shoot at hole #3 [at which point gf modeled and wore it for the rest of the day]. It didn't fall off once.

After one days wearing, the yarn is a little fuzzy, but it's so inexpensive that I guess that's the price one must pay, huh?


Now a few pictures from out 9-hole, 2 1/2 hour birthday golf outing. Sure I "play" golf. We took it up after Christmas when gf received a set of golf clubs as a gift. My brother generously bought me a set when we visited in March. Did I mention my clubs are cool and pink? Yeah, pink. If I practice really hard now, I'll be ready to engage in high powered negotiations over a round of golf. Or to follow the super hot dude we both agreed would have been a great sperm donor. He was really cute. Anyway...

We played at the 9-hole Roosevelt Course in Griffith Park. Back in May, a huge fire started right near this golf course. The hillside is coming back, slowly but surly. I believe these charred hills are at the end of the first hole.

More of the charred hillside. It's kinda scary how close it was to the golf course.

Hearing that I was working at the Tragic Kingdom again, Bambi took a moment to come out of the brush and say hello. He gave me a disapproving look when I passed by... golf clubs loudly clicking and clacking. I apologized, but he didn't give me the time of day...just a practical roll of the eyes and a shake of the antlers.

One of the pretty fairways. I don't know if I ever hit a ball straight down one of these. It's really much harder than it looks.

A squirrel also came out to play. The way I take pictures of these things you'd think I had never seen grass or a squirrel before. Hmmm... interesting blogging fodder.

This is toward the end of the course. We had a really nice view of the Griffith Observatory, which recently reopened after what seemed like years of renovation. We haven't been up there yet, but if you come to LA, it's really cool to see at least once. I mean, Rebel Without A Cause and stuff. You just want to run around there in a full skirt, sweater set, and saddle shoes.

Gf snapped a shot of me after trying to find my ball in the brush. Unfortunately, my lack of plaid pants truly affected my game. Next time, I will have a tam with a pom pom tho. And I'll probably die of heat exhaustion.

And what do I have to show for my birthday golf game? No, I've never heard of sunscreen. What's sunscreen?

Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes. It was a great day that I spent with my girl...and we really enjoyed each other's company. And if you haven't already, enter the contest!