Friday, September 14, 2007

I Got Nothing...

I'm feeling pretty uneventful.

The sock is in limbo, Notorious is still waiting to be blocked, Patti is about 3" longer and I'm uninspired by the new knitty. The Cabled Coat is on hold too. I ordered some of the Knitpicks Options needles and am waiting for them to arrive before I start.

Well there is that.

I was excited by the new Harmony needles, but was struggling with buying a whole set of nickel or a whole set of wood. My needle preference is generally a pointy metal with a shorter flexible cord [usually 24"]...but I like the option of bamboo/wood. My faves would have to be my Inox needles or my Addi Lace. Well, I didn't want to duplicate too many sizes in the Options because I enjoy the needles I have and would hate for them to go unused...but fortunately, I do have a few sizes that I'm missing or could use an extra pair. So, I did a little inventory on Ravelry and decided to order the Options as singles. For $45 I got needle sizes 4-10 [size 5 and 6 are the Harmony wood ], 24 and 32" cords, and the ID tags. The storage case would be nice, but I have a sewing machine, thread and I saved myself $20 and I can make more than one roll to accommodate all of my needles.

Or at least that's the plan.

Well, it's quitting time, so I'm going to escape from the Tragic Kingdom. Have a good weekend, everyone!