Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I thought it might happen.
My knitter's intuition was in full effect.

The Spiral Boot sock is in mutiny.

All the time while working on the Spiral Boot sock, I wasn't 100% I'd have enough yarn to make knee-highs. I prepared myself by either planning on making contrasting heels and toes or procuring a second skein. But the Pollyanna in me wanted to believe I could eke two socks from a single hank.

As it stands right now, I am about an inch from starting the toe. Last night, I finally gave into the little voice that was telling me to weigh the damn thing...and guess what? I won't have enough to make two knee-high socks. No biggie, but I do have to take evasive action at this point.

So I can go with either one of my planned options...or I could frog back and make a pair of kicky leg warmers.

I know, I know, leg warmers...but I'm in LA and if I make it work anywhere, it would be here.

Until I decide, the Spiral Boot sock/leg warmer is sitting on the Naughty Bench.

So what to work on now?
Patti. I guess it's time to give Patti her fair shake.

Here she is, in her 2 1/2 inches of glory. Over the past week, it seemed I could only get through 2 rows at a time. That tends to happen when you've got 215 stitches on size 5's.

But before the excitement wanes and I have to force myself to work on it, I will give her my attention. I know once I get past the back of this sweater, it should be smooth[er] sailing. The only reason I hesitate to work on this anywhere other than home is that I'm using 16 stitch markers...I'd hate to lose one or two on the bus. Small things have a way of falling down into the cracks.

Then there's the Fall Cable KAL. Did you see our fabulous button?

Now, the plan is to make a shortened version Norah Gaughan's Cabled Coat. I was originally considering recycling some Rowan All Seasons Cotton in gray, but remembered that I've already made a gray cabled sweater.

So I did a little yarn research over at Ravelry and learned that Cascade Ecological Wool was around the same weight. I found some in Chocolate which would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. However, in context of this sweater, I felt that color would be too drab.

This coat needs something fabulous to make it pop and stand out.

So back to Ravelry I went and found another yarn that would work...and I already have some in my stash! The Debbie Bliss Merino Aran that was originally intended for Ariann [that I got bored of and frogged last year] just might work...and I have 13 balls that I really wanted to find a nice project to use it for.

It's a natural color, which would make a lovely sweater and would really showcase this particular style. And I could definitely use a natural colored sweater in my closet!

I did a bit of swatching this morning and the gauge is spot on! What a relief!

So, I will probably give Patti a little more of my time, then move on to this project next week. I'm still regard to the changes I want to make. I'm no Grumperina, so modifications of this magnitude are not my forte...but I'm going to do my best impression and hope that this project doesn't find a reason to mutiny too.