Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tres Vogue!

I'm avoiding talking about Notorious. It's been set aside and we're in completion talks. Now on to happier topics...

So Friday afternoon, I received my Knitting Daily e-mail. I've been enjoying
Sandi Wiseheart's illustrations of sizing by having Interweave's staffers try on some of the sample knits from previous issues. Friday it was with the Origami Cardigan. Now, something about the Origami cardi appeals to me, but not enough to put it into the queue. Maybe it's the funky orange or the sleeves...or maybe it lacks the oomphf I look for in a project. In an attempt to find a reason to knit this, I consulted Ravelry and was lead to another Norah Gaughan pattern.

Now the reviews on the Vogue 25th Anniversary issue haven't been very positive, but why didn't anyone point out this sweater? Oh my gosh, isn't it gorgeous? Now I would prefer a shorter length, but isn't the collar amazing...and what fantastic cables [speaking of cables, why haven't you joined the Fall Cable KAL?]!!!

Now I haven't knit any of Norah's patterns before, so I'm feeling cautious about trying to change anything ... especially since her name seems to be synonymous with interesting construction techniques. I don't want to destroy the integrity of the sweater, so I'm feeling cautious about trying to change anything. My hubris, however, is making me think I can find a way of manipulating it. Oh, I can't stand it, it's just too beautiful!

OH, this queue is getting out of hand!