Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Poppy Is My Copilot

Yet another thing to file under 'not much going on in my life'...

Did I mention that I finally bought a car last week? Not using public transportation has cut down on my knitting time, but has increased my sleeping time. Not too bad of a trade off. It was originally name Monstar, because of my key chain, but it has since rechristened Admiral Ackbar. Well, it makes us laugh.

Poppy got a ride around town and she approves whole-heartedly on the purchase. She did get tired of being left in the car and promptly asked to be left at home if there wasn't anything specific she was doing other than keeping me company [and being a back seat driver].

So I enlisted to Poppy-head to hang with me, until a proper car mascot could be made. She's been pretty good about watching the blind spots...at least on that side.

No knitting updates, but at least I have some interesting blog fodder, right?