Monday, October 01, 2007


Where, o' where has my focus gone?

I'm trying to be good. I'm fighting starter-itis something fierce. Sure there's the Cabled Coat, which I'm dying to make. Then there are those little 'it's small, it will only take a day or two' projects that are calling me. Then there's Christmas. Sure, it's 3 months away, but it's coming. Always lurking. Gf and I had the idea of making crochet/knit market bags for some of the people on our list [I love giving useful gifts and who doesn't want a reusable cool market bag in the era of anti-plastic?]. I have more than enough spare yarn that I could stand to use.

UGh...I'm feeling overwhelmed.

In times of knitting crisis, I decided to do what any other intelligent crafter would do. Totally avoided the issue. I spent this weekend cleaning out my closet and making a mess that will take at least a week to recover. Although the bedroom is a mess, my closet feels lighter, so I guess that's something.

Not until last night, when I could barely breathe from all the dust I kicked up, did I settle down to some serious decision making. I will start on Patti's front and will continue to work on that until I'm finished. The Cabled Coat will wait and be my next big project. I will work on some smaller projects as breaks from Patti. And I do have one other project that I'm starting, but you'll hear more on that later.

Focus and discipline are the only thing that will get me through this time.