Friday, January 18, 2008

In This Episode, Christie Consults A Higher Authority...

When we last left our intrepid knitter, Christie had just finished the Habu sleeve #2, assembled it on all one needle and was getting ready to start raglan decreasing to the finish line.

Then she read the instructions. And looked at the schematic. Re-read the instructions. Pulled out the Rosetta Stone to interpret the schematic. Read the instructions and translated it to left-hand knitter speak. Knit. Frogged. Read the instructions again. Compared the instructions to the schematic. Pulled out a calculator. Considered the difference between right handed and left handed when it comes to knitting in the round. Read the instructions. Frogged back a little further. Knit a round. Looked at the instructions. Calmly folded the instructions, the sweater, zipped it all away safely in its little bag and went to bed.

You see the problem stems from the instruction verbiage. The instructions indicate how to decrease on the left side of the raglan line and the right side of the raglan line. No biggie, except I have to consider that I'm left handed [so at times I need to zig rather than zag] and I would be damned it I frogged any more of that damn mohair. I would get it right the first time or not at all.

So the yesterday morning, I called Habu in New York. The woman on the phone said it was a new pattern, so she would have to ask the designer directly; could I please email my question and she would get back to me with the answer? So I did just that. I received my answer today...and it was fairly clear. Fairly. I think I will still have to swap the left of raglan line for the right of raglan line decrease because of my left-handed-ness, but at least I have an little bit better of and idea of what is correct.

Any other left-handers out there feel my pain?

Patti FrontSince I had a day off from Habu while I waited for the answer, I picked up Patti. I left her all alone back in October and haven't knitted a single stitch. It was so enjoyable to use a yarn of substance! I wound up finishing the pleat and am an hour or so away from a completed front. I'm going to try to finish the front today then focus on completing Habu before the weekend. Even though it's a long one, I plan to have it done by Sunday afternoon birthday lunch with mom [she just turned 70!]. Wish me luck!