Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Habu Zen

What is on my organizational plate today, you ask?

I'm so glad you asked! Here are my 3 notebooks full of patterns that I have printed up from the internet. Quite a bit of paper taking up more space that I can afford to give. So, I'm going to free up some notebooks and let that paper experience the wonderful world of recycling. Bye bye!

And did I finally make peace with the Habu sweater, you ask?

Why, yes, yes I did! Gf and I were supposed to go to the driving range last night, but I postponed so I could knit. I told her that I could possibly have her sweater done by the weekend and I think that made it a little better.

I finished sleeve #2 last night, made a little adjustment to the body and was able to get the whole thing back on the needles before going to bed. What a relief!

Habu Together
That's 276 stitches, folks.

The Chinese Good Luck Kitty is impressed by my achievement over mohair adversity . I will be thanking him for his charms with some ceramic kitty kibble and catnip.