Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Planning Ahead

By nature, I'm not much of a planner. Unless we're talking what to wear for a night out. But as far as life is concerned, I'm not flighty but I tend to be pretty laid back about stuff.

That all changes this year.

With my stash and needles organized, I've looked for other places where I can streamline and do a little organization. That of course led me to my Ravelry queue. I tend to not keep a lot of items queued up...and generally it's a random smattering of what looks good on any given day. Well I decided to give it a good once over.

First off, I made sure that patterns with stash yarn waiting were on the list. Then I eliminated any patterns that were just too random to even be considered. Then, with the help of the Rowan magazines I brought with me to work and my thoroughly documented stash, I was able to match up a few more yarns to patterns. Following the sage advice of Gina, the patterns work on all fronts: will fill a void in my closet, will work with the yarn and color, and will work on me. And since most of these matches will be dependent on swatching, I'm trying not to have my heart set on any particular yarn/pattern match and have been making an effort to find multiple patterns that will work.

Still life: Rowan Magazine and a plan

My last bit of organization had to do with order. I mentioned earlier that I have joined Project Spectrum 3.0, which starts in February. So I made a list of items that need to be finished by the month's end...and it's actually manageable [especially since Patti can be counted as red for fire element]. Then I made a list of which yarns/patterns could be used to reflect the individual themes. And it looks pretty do-able. I'm excited to start, and the PS takes the pressure off me to decide which pattern to work on as time goes on.

Now I just need to take this organization and apply it to other parts of my life.

I'm hoping to make some serious progress on the Habu sleeve and get the whole thing back on the needles by week's end. The first major fo of 2008 is in the home stretch!