Sunday, February 03, 2008

Days Made...Even Better

Hey everyone! Did I mention that although I am not nominated for an Oscar this year [strange, because I didn't seem to be cast in any big movies last year...interesting how that works...], I was awarded an equally wonderful prize by some of my favorite knit bloggers? The 'You Make My Day Award' which I shall henceforth rename "the YaMMeD".

Go check them out...they are really great.
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And for this honor, I am to name 10 blogs who make my day with their posts and knitting/life/domesticated animal insight. Here are just 10 [a minor smattering] of my favorite blogs...

1. Life in LaLaLumay Land
2. Goodkarmago
3. Urban Knitrix with Flava [I still laugh when I think about this post.]
4. Nik Knits
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7. Blatherskite
8. Craftylily
9. Erika B's - DIY Style
[I tend to lurk on her blog, but she is a sewing phenom! I'm still waiting for a magazine to pick her up for her supermodel skills :)]
10. Nake-id Knits


There there was knitting content. I made quite a bit of progress on Mom's Fringed Striped Lap Shawl this weekend. Not as much as I would like, but enough to make me feel like I'm getting somewhere. I hit the "knitting wall" Saturday. I was knitting and knitting and it just didn't seem to be getting any longer. Then suddenly it was long enough to cover my lap.
Mom's Lap Shawl
Right now it's measuring 19" wide [not including fringe] and 24" long. I still have quite a bit of the Mainline left, so I'm going to keep plugging away at it. I was thinking of repeating this color scheme as a long crocheted scarf [with twisty ends, of course], so I might have to end this before I get too carried away and use up all the yarn.

Mom's Lap Shawl Twisted Fringe
And my hair/cord twister is working devoonly! So quick and easy! Don't be surprised if I start adding random cord to everything.

And for today's "Don't go to the LYS while: hungry/sad/enabling your inner spendthrift/they are having a Super Bowl sale/not realizing I need more stash like I need yet another hole in my head" lesson...

Ok, here's the thing. Unwind was having this Superbowl sale and I happened to know they had some Rowan Plaid for $7 a ball. Now $7 isn't expensive for that particular yarn, but it is a little to expensive for my budget [I would rather put that $50 toward some Calmer for the Phyllo pullover]. So I was hoping that maybe a Superbowl Saturday miracle would occur and they'd mark it down a little lower at which point I might snap some up. Well, it just wasn't the case. So I looked around a little...saw some great stuff, but most of it was more than I could justify spending. I decided on 13 balls of GGH Spumante, which was priced at $3 a ball. Not a bad deal, but I didn't have any plan for it and kinda felt like I was buying just because it was a decent deal.

Then I wandered back to the front of the store where they had $1 and $2 bins. $1 bins are my weakness. There was some GGH Velour for $1, but unfortunately the dyelots were different. Then I saw them. Just sitting there. Marked down to one dollar a ball.

Skacel Contrasto
17 balls of Skacel Contrasto. A 70% silk, 30% rayon tube yarn. The yardage isn't the greatest, but at $1 a ball, 17 is more than enough to make a nice cardigan.

Skacel Contrasto
...and 5 in rust.

...and 3 in Navy. I couldn't just leave these colors sitting there when I was buying the bulk of their natural colored bretheren! Could I?!?! That would be cruel and unusual...and I will not be party to that kind of yarn abuse.

Heirloom Breeze
and 4 balls of Heirloom Breeze. This was actually $2 a ball, but I have a project for it! Really! I'm hoping this will be enough to make the Rita Mae top.

Oh curse you dollar yarn bins! You are my kryponite!!!! Heed my warning knitters! Only enter your LYS when you have a constitution that will withstand the evil $1 bins therewithin contained. HEEEEEED!!!!