Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mom's Fringed Striped Lap Shawl...Done!


Pattern: I actually made it up myself!
Yarn: Knitpicks Main Line in Red Velvet Cake, Antique Rose, Ink and Ivory.
Needles: US Size 9
Exposition: This lapshawl is a combo birthday gift/"let me steal some of your acrylic yarn so I can make super happy crochet cute animals". I think my mom will enjoy it.

Mom's Fringed Striped Lap Shawl
I casted on 72 stitches and just garter stitched away, changing colors every second row. The fringed ends were twisted together for a more finished look. I do still need to even them up a bit. The finished shawl is 19" wide [not including fringe] and 30" long. Since it's worked in garter, there's a little bit of stretch to it....and it hasn't been washed yet, so those figures may change a bit.

Mom's Lap Shawl at work
Mom's shawl is keeping me warm today. Yes, I'm getting my cooties all over her gift.

Mom's Lap Shawl
I love the look of the stripes on the "wrong" side.

Not bad for a few day's knitting, right? What's next you ask? Well, I think that I'm going to put the crochet shawl aside for the moment. I finished blocking Patti yesterday and will start seaming tonight. I also have another sweater that I'm really excited to work on. I love red sweaters!