Monday, February 11, 2008

Flo Control

Well, this weekend I had plans. Plans to seam up Patti and plans to go Downtown for the Chinese New Year Parade and Festival. just didn't happen the way I planned.

Friday night I pulled Patti out, fully intending to start seaming. Unfortunately, our apartment's lighting sucks and although Patti isn't that dark a color, it was a little difficult to see what I was doing. We do need to get some better lamps. I need light! So needless to say, I put Patti aside and worked on Flo instead. I made really great progress too...there's really something to be said about working a single project at a time.

Saturday gf and I didn't have time to get Downtown, so we missed the parade. Oh well. We did have some pomegranate mimosas at breakfast to console ourselves. And since I was making such good time on Flo, I decided to just keep knitting rather than start seaming Patti. And I finished the back. And started on the front. And by last night I was about to start the front #1's raglan decreases. This is turning into a pretty quick knit.

But Patti is languishing. So, here's the deal. I want to wear Patti for Valentine's Day. Yes, Thursday. Although I want to be weak and finish the front of Flo, I will be strong and start seaming Patti. I don't think the seaming will take too long...I'm fairly confident I can have it done in time [best laid plans...]. I will also need to find some fabu buttons this week, so expect some button recon around town.