Friday, February 08, 2008

Can't Stop The Flo

Nothing really to say today. That won't keep my from typing jibberjabber.

Flo Back
Last night I knitted away at Flo while gf and I were watching mindless tv. At this point I'm 1/2 to the armhole bind off. Although I am thinking it will be in my best interest to add another inch or so to the body of the sweater. 10 1/2"/27cm seems a little short to me. Also, knitting the seed stitch on the same size needle was the right call. There's a bit more stretch in the moss stitch section, but nothing that will be annoyingly clingy. And I must say, I'm really loving the GGH Bali. It's quite a nice little yarn.

And lastly, before I leave for the day a picture of the Take 5 mini candy bar that has been sitting on my desk all week. It's been an exercise in self control. It's been sitting out in the open, taunting me, but I have refused to fall prey to its chocolatey, peanutty, pretzelly and carmelly charms. Now if I could only exercise the same self control when it comes to those damn LYS sales...

Have a great weekend everyone!