Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Indicision, Dead Ahead...

Remember that lovely green yarn I posted yesterday?

This lovely green Plymouth Bamboo yarn. Well, it's not so sure it wants to be Streetcar Named Desire. All last night, it peeked through my closet, wondering what it would be paired with if it were to consent to being make into that particular project. It interviewed other hand knits about my fashion habits.

It was unimpressed.

It hemmed and hawed and sat me down with its concerns. Sure, a silky boudoir sort of style would be swell...but what if it inspired to be more? Could I, in good conscious hold it back...keep its dreams from being fully realized?

Maybe I should take a day and look into something else for it. '10 balls is more than enough to make a decent sized sweater. Let's not rush into anything too hastily', it said.

Honesty from a ball of yarn. Its words rang in my ears. This morning, I came into work and thought of a suitable pattern. Maybe a lacy cardigan. That might be worth while. I came across this sweater from Rebecca [of course]...

But as in all Faerie Tales, it wasn't a Cinderella moment. As much as I love this sweater and have been pining over it, all that ribbing on the bottom is a concern. And it seems that Bamboo's is just a tad bit heavier than the GGH Silk that the sweater was originally made from.

I swatched on 6's and the gauge came out perfectly, but the lace pattern was acting wonky, so I'm reserving final judgment until I can get it right. I'm also going to give my books at home a good once over to see if there's something that I might have missed.