Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Sprung

Jacket #41
Despite my best effort to start a new project [the words 'short rows' in my intended pattern scared me into staying faithful], I continued working on the Jacket #41. Since the right side is the same as the left, I doubt you really wanted to see a picture of my progress.

I do have a picture of the first completed side. Since this pattern's largest size is a 34/36", I was a bit concerned that it might be just a tad too tight. I consoled myself with the notion that the modeled picture looks a little baggy at the side seams, so maybe me being a little larger in the bust and ribcage might do it justice. So I clipped up the bottom of the sleeve's seam and tried it on.

Jacket #41 Sleeve
Not bad! Now things may change up a little since it hasn't been washed or blocked, but at least it's a good sign that the fit should be perfect. My only concern is the bit of bagging under the arm. Pulling the neckline up alleviated the problem, but there is still a 6cm cabled edging that needs to be knitted and attached around the neck. I'm going to think that it's going to be okay and that it will all work out. Rebecca hasn't let me down too badly in the past, let's hope that doesn't change with this project.

Hey, did I mention to y'all that I'm going to be an aunt again?!?! Yes, my brother and sister-in-law broke the news when they were down in So Cal last week. Seems the baby items in my queue is ever expanding. Not only do I have to knit something for my friend who had a baby last month, I have a new niece or nephew on the way and my sister-in-law's sister is also pregnant and due around the same time in October. Thank god I have a lot of ones and twos of random balls hanging around.

Ah, Spring! Such a wonderful time, no? Well, I've been doing a bit more Spring Cleaning to my queue over the past two days. I've taken a hard look at what yarns I have and what I've been really wanting to make and tried to match the two up as much as possible. Then, with Project Spectrum's elements in mind, I arranged my queue accordingly. I know I won't be able to get to all the queued patterns, but it seems a little more manageable if I can see what projects I have to choose from over the specific two month elemental period.

Speaking of Project Spectrum, April and May is the Earth element. Of course, I've started a little early. I could only take so much orange, red and pink, people.

I've also acquired some new yarn for one of my Earth projects.

Plymouth Royal Bamboo
Why does the stash keep getting larger rather than smaller?

I was clicking around Ravelry last week when I noticed a fellow Ravelrer was wanting to sell 10 balls of Plymouth Royal Bamboo for $20. $20? Um. Okay.

This will be my first experience with 100% bamboo yarn [perfect fiber and color for Earth, right?]. It arrived today and it's so shiny and soft and puuuurrrrtty. I'm resisting chucking Jacket #41 out the window and starting A Streetcar Named Desire with my new pretty yarn.

I don't think the Rowanspun would mind? Do you?