Saturday, March 29, 2008


So I'm knitting on Jacket #41. And I'm thinking to myself...this bit of yarn seems to be lasting much longer than it did for the first side. Then I'm thinking, wow, this side is going much faster than the first side. Then I think, wow, I'm already to the bind off for the front...strange that I don't have enough stitches left over after binding off the front. How am I 24 stitches short? How is it that the two fronts aren't the same size? Is the pattern wrong, because it certainly worked for the first side.

Yeah, I forgot to do some increases. Like 24 of them. So I frogged back 16cm of work and have to redo it all.

Somehow I think the yarn won't last much longer than the first side. And first item on the day's agenda: sulk.