Monday, March 31, 2008

Knitter's Depression

I am pretty put off by the mistake I made with Jacket #41. I frogged back the endless rows and mentally prepared myself for the reknit. But when I looked at it, I just felt sick. I felt sick with dread. And who can enjoy knitting while one's stomach is clenched up in knots?

Could it be the Knitting Gods were punishing me for finishing a project for myself and not knitting a gift project before starting Jacket #41 as per my New Years Resolution?
Cruel and unusual punishment, Knitting Gods, but I get the message.

Baby Baseball Front and Back
So I casted on for one of the many baby items that have been added the queue of late. I'm not exactly sure which baby this will be for, but I may just finish it up and send it to my friend in Portland who's baby girl is a month old [especially since I don't have confirmation of the gender of either of the impending babies].

Doesn't look like much, but it will eventually be the Baseball Baby Tee [from Knit 2 Together or free here]. I'm making a solid sweater from 2 balls of GGH Bali in a lovely dark purple. I was able to finish front, back and a sleeve and half over the weekend. I'm still a bit in the clutches of Knitter's Depression so I'm taking it easy so it doesn't cause my Mojo to leave me completely.