Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thwarted By My Pocketbook...and my Brain

Remember yesterday? When I had grandiose plans to finish Flo and find the perfect yarn for Helon dress? Remember that? Remember the hubris?

My Pocketbook and my Brain put an end to all that.

I thought it would be wise to stop by Unwind on the way home to get some touchy-feely time with the Hemp For Knitting yarn. Both websites say Unwind carries the Hemp For Knitting yarn. Why call ahead? You see where I'm going with this, right?

"No, we don't carry that anymore" says the cute salesgirl.

So rather than wisely leaving the store immediately, I proceeded to look around. there still yarn leftover from the Superbowl Sale?

"LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY! REMEMBER THE HEMP!!!" screamed my Brain. But it was too late. I spied with my little eye about 25 balls of Rowan 4-ply Cotton yarn balls marked down to $2. $2? Hmm...I need 14 balls...that works out to $28 for a dress that was going to cost me about $75 for the hemp yarn and would leave me with about 1000 yards afterward. Seems Pocketbook thought that $28 for a dress was a very agreeable price, indeed. Pocketbook could justify $28, whereas $75 for Brain's yarn choice was a stretch. Pocketbook noted that dry hands would be my punishment for Brain convincing me that I could play the part of a spendthrift...when I clearly needed to suck it up and budget.

So I checked out the yarn. All the same dyelot. "But Pocketbook, look at the color!" I whimpered. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera at home so you could witness the ungodly shade of orange.
"EW! EW! EW! Super bright cantaloupe isn't even close to one of the colors I had considered".
"Hmmm...100% cotton yarn", says Pocketbook. "RIT dye...sounds like a match made in heaven, no? Wouldn't red or burnt orange be lovely? Everyone says you looks great in burnt orange..."
"Okay, Okay." I conceded.

So now I have 14 balls of Rowan 4-ply Cotton in Tutti Frutti [the name they chose really illustrates what an annoying color it is, no?] and will be investing in some super moisturizing hand cream shortly. I do plan on making an extensive swatch and test dying first. I would prefer to overdye the finished garment than unwind and hank all those balls of yarn just to have to rewind into cakes. Pain!

Brain would have the last word, of course. When I got home guess what I left under my desk at work? Yeah, my knitting bag with the 3-rows-away-from-the-finish Flo. My Brain sabotaged me. My Pocketbook punishes me. I can't win for losing.