Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OverFlo Of Emotion

Yes folks, here is possibly the last picture of Flo as a WIP. Just 3 more rows [I think that includes the bind off], seaming up the sleeves, buttons and weaving in ends. I'm so happy.

Thanks to everyone who left suggestions in regard to the Helon dress. I love the idea of making it in linen or bamboo, but that might get pretty expensive, considering I'd need 2400 yards. That being said, I think that I've embraced the notion of making it in hemp. I haven't used hemp before, and have been waiting for a reason or a project and it seems both have presented themselves to me in Helon! I'm obsessing about having this dress for the summertime. It's the perfect dress for dinner or a show or a casual get together or the always reliable and flattering dress to wear to weddings. But if I were to try to tackle that baby, that would mean giving up a few of the patterns that are already in my queue. Decisions, decisions! Well, Rome wasn't built in a day and no dress was crocheted in a month. Maybe I'll just start it and work on it here and there with the goal of having it done my my birthday in August. That's feasible. No pressure. And it will work for the next element in Project Spectrum...Earth [and maybe air too...ha ha, smoke, hemp...nevermind]. It's not like I want to get it done tomorrow [although we do have a wedding to go to in April]. And it's getting too hot to work with wool anyway, right? Too hot for wool means working with something that is light and that! Yes! HEMP! Thanks guys. You really helped me that one. I feel better about my decision to ditch the rest of the queue and spend the next 5 months toiling away at my birthday dress. WHOO HOO!!!