Thursday, March 06, 2008

Two Great Knits...

So who was watching Project Runway last night?
Let me just say, I thought Rami should have won...but I digress.

I totally took notice of the super cute cable knit dress that Jillian was wearing. And I thought..hhhmm...that looks like the Rowan Soul tube top and Norah Gaughan's Christmas Tree skirt grafted together. Well, similar. The cables are a little different, but the concept is almost the same. If you have one eye closed. And are standing on your head. A little. She seemed to be wearing some kinda funky hoop skirt under it [that was strange to me...who hoops their knit skirts?], but really, how cute is that? It even had buttons up the back of the skirt.

C'mon people, get on it! Figure it out and post it so we can all make one and be too cute walking around.