Wednesday, August 27, 2008

clock watching...

10 minutes before I get out of here. Sure, I could just leave early, but I did have a dental appointment earlier today and feel since I took what amounted to a 3 hour lunch, I should stay until my stated release time. And the dentist had bad news all around...which I knew was coming. One broken tooth, another with a major crack in it and a few fillings to replace...and all I hear is ching, ching, ching! It's my own fault. I should have taken care of it a long time ago. Oh and learn. At least I've put off dentures for another few years, right?

6 minutes to go. My boss just sent me a meeting to schedule. That was fun. God, I love Outlook.

4 minutes to go. I suppose I could check for spllling errors. Nah. That takes all the ufn out of random posts, right? This is a long minute.

3 minutes. I supose I could shut down the other programs so I can get out of here quickly. I could find my keys in the cavernous tote bag that I love so. Darn. They're right on top. That took all of 6 seconds. Unusual for me.

1 minutes. See you later!