Thursday, August 14, 2008

Out Of The Frying Pan

I'm a little bummed about my Textured Tunic realization. As fast and fun as heavier weight yarn is to knit, I'm realizing more and more how much I don't like wearing it. Cardigans or anything that is meant to be layered is okay, but nothing too body conscious. Can't go there. I haven't frogged yet...but its time is coming.

So...with the tunic off my plate, I needed to find something simple that I could knit while watching the Olympics that wouldn't divert too much attention from the action on the screen [did everyone see that Japanese gymnast fall last night? OHMYGOSH! I hope he's okay!].

Enter Habu Kit-74.
Habu Kit-74
I had it in my mind to work on the second of gf's 3 kits as soon as I finished [or abandoned] one of my wips. The 100 stitches of stockinette over 88 rows seemed like the perfect choice.
The only thing's a thin line of cotton worked together with a lace weight angora yarn...on size 10's. So I have to be a little aware of what I'm doing so I don't drop a stitch or lose one of my yarns. It's a little boring, but I try to keep myself a little distracted and besides that, the yarn is very nice.

Habu Kit-74
The little bit of extra care is so worth it.