Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Wish...

I wish that I had my camera on me so I could take a picture of my droopy lip.
I was lucky enough to experience a root canal at 10am this morning. Actually, it wasn't that bad. The dentist was really good...and it was over fast. I'm still pretty numb right now and am really hoping I'm not in too much pain once the numbness wears off. If so, I've got a Rx for some good stuff! Whoo Hoo!

I wish I could knit a little faster.
I knit all weekend and only got to the armhole decreases on the Habu-74. I'm starting to get Habu fatigued again, but will push through. At least until the baby yarn gets here.

I wish I knew where I put my knitting.
I somehow have misplace the back section of the Habu-74. I was going to compare the front to the back section when I realized I didn't remember where I had put it. Somewhere for safe keeping no doubt. I was a bit concerned it got caught up in my laundry, but it didn't. Oh, it's around somewhere...I hope.

I wish I would have taken today off.
Does this really need an explanation?