Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fool Me Once...Shame On...

I need to stop opening these damn emails.

First Little Knits. Then Unwind. Friday, I received what I thought was a harmless email from one of my LYS...the usual 'hey visit us...we've got classes and stuff you might like!' email.

In all actuality, it said in big letters:

Kim Hargreaves Magazine
Nectar is at Unwind Now

Earlier this year, I wanted to check out the Heartfelt book, but had been told it was only available in the UK. What was I to do? You guessed it. Drive over there and check it out.

Not a bad book. A little expensive. But it has some nice designs and a few that I could make with yarn I already own! GO FIGURE!

Here are three of my faves that you might see popping up in Superstarra-ville soon.


This is one of the first designs that caught my eye. So. Cute. Even though we're at the end of summer I still want to make this...asap. I'm sure I could find a way of layering that would make it work for Fall. Wouldn't this be cute with a long sleeved tee under it? And besides, how cold does it really get here in LA?

I have two yarns that might work for this, I'm just going to have to check the yardage and the gauge. One of the yarns I'm considering is the GGH Linova. I think it might be a good match, but I'm afraid that I might be a ball or two short. The other yarn is Plymouth Royal Bamboo, but I think that it might be a bit too soft and drapey. But the Royal Bamboo might be right for...


The other design that immediately caught my eye. Simple. Sophisticated. Easy to wear. A little blousey for those not so skinny days.

Another 'I wish I would have found this in the beginning rather than the end of summer' kind of knits. Oh well. Layering is going to be the key word of my life this Autumn.

I think the bamboo yarn will be perfect, but the gauge may be off. We'll have to see once I get to swatching. I'm thinking if the gauge is off, I might be able to knit a smaller size and get the right result. Let's hope!

Glint and Glimmer

I'm considering a hybrid of these two. I prefer the shorter single button style, but like the longer sleeves. And lo and behold, this pattern calls for Rowan Summer Tweed! Of course, if I use the Summer Tweed I have, that will mean the demise of the Textured Tunic. Hmmm...I think I can live with that. My only concern is that it looks so cute in the subdued colors and the Summer Tweed I have is lively, happy green. I'm sure it will be great...and the shorter style will lend itself better to the bright hue.

If only I didn't have the Habu to finish and two baby knits to complete before October!