Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Not Break Out The Happy Dance Just Yet...

Last night, I decided to try to chart a new way home. So rather than take a right, I continued straight and rather than zigging, I zagged. I drove about, checked out the scenery and got lost a little bit, but I eventually found a familiar street and was back on track. As I meandered around the city, I remembered that I needed to meander over to a costume shop to find an apron for my Halloween costume. So, long story short, I went over to a place called The Studio Wardrobe. They have costumes to rent and some odds and ends to purchase. I was able to find a little apron that will work and while I was poking around I came across this little sweater.

Chevron Sweater
How cute is it? Of course the handknit-ness and the stripey-ness caught my eye. It would be so cute on the new baby! No, I'm not going to gift it...I am, however, going to take a few thoughtful measurements and recreate it.
Chevron Sweater
It's just a simple chevron pattern. I use the word 'simple' lightly, as everything I've been attempting lately has been 1,000 times more complicated than I've anticipated.

Cable Coat Front #1
And speaking of more complicated than I've anticipated, I am finally making some real progress on the Cabled Coat. The reknit is going much faster...I'm almost back to the point from whence I did my frogging.