Friday, September 05, 2008

On Fire!!!!

Yesterday as I was driving home, I noticed some smoke in the sky. 'Hmmm...that looks like something is on fire near our building.'

The closer and closer I got, I started wondering if it was our building that was on fire. All I could think was, 'damn, we should have gotten renters insurance!'

Fortunately, it wasn't our building that was on fire, but some palm trees on the vacant lot behind us. I suspect it was some homeless folk or bored kids.

Nothing like a little apartment complex drama to end the workday, right?

Did I tell y'all that the back section of Habu-74 was found? Yeah. I must remember to check the sofa first.

Anyway, I was able to finish up the front section and they match perfectly! Body -DONE!

So I immediately cast on for Sleeve #1 and knit and knit and knit. I'm almost 1/2 done! Whew!

I'm almost positive I can get both sleeves complete before the weekend is out. Then a little sewing, a little felting [which I'm really kinda stressing out about], 37 buttons and voila!

Have a great weekend everyone!