Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Learned My Colors Differently...


But I don't know if I'm that pleased with all of it in person.
First off, we have the yarn for my new niece/nephew. The color is called Light Pastel Sage. In the picture from the website it looks like a really nice green...but in person, it looks like a drab khaki military green gray. Not at all the color I pictured when planning a lovely sweater for my new niece/nephew.

I sent a picture to my brother to see what he thinks of it...but I think I may just have to suck it up and return it. It's almost okay as I was toying with the thought of making a sweater out of some stashed butter yellow GGH Samoa, so if he doesn't like the color, I've got a back up.

It's just kinda disappointing though. * sigh*

Then we have the 3 balls for the baby stripey sweater. The Creamy Beige is fine. I was expecting it to be natural colored; it is what it is. The Denim I totally love. It's a great heathery blue a favorite pair of jeans. The third ball. The one that is called Pastel Peach Heather? Hmmm. I have a peach on my desk...and yes, peaches are that dark red color in spots. But when it's named "peach", I expect it to be peach and not red. It's a Candied Apple Red Heather or a Deep Red Salmon Heather, but not a Pastel Peach Heather. I wanted [an orangey] peach, blue, and natural striped sweater, but it looks more like heathered red, white and blue. Which would actually be okay for my sister-in-law's sister.

While I mask my color disappointment, I'm going to hunt around for some more baby sweaters. I think I've decided to make Trellis in the yellow and either a striped One Piece Baby Kimono or a blue and natural Baby Baseball Tee. If you know of a really cute baby sweater that I'm missing...holla!