Monday, September 22, 2008

Take 1. Take 2. Take 3.

Thank you, thank you for all the encouragement with the Offset Zoo Wraplan. What I have in my head is so cute...I'm hoping the execution reflects it. It hasn't been smooth sailing thus far.

Take 1: I decided that the sweater will be natural with a blue elephant eating green leaves. The border will also be green. So Friday night, I cast on with the green yarn. I read the instructions a few times, not in depth as we were going out, and kept feeling something was amiss. All night it kept bugging me. So Saturday, when I had a moment to really look at it, I saw that the border is added afterward. So I frogged the green and recast with the natural yarn.

Offset Zoo Wraplan
Take 2: Once I realized I would need to pick up stitches around the neck for the border, I decided to provisional cast on. And I was off and running. Until got to joining the arm. Once again, my left-handedness has twarted my progress. As you can see [or maybe not] the sweater opening is on the opposite side compared to the picture. I thought about just leaving it, but the fact that my stitch count was off lead me to believe restarting was the best option.

Offset Zoo Wraplan
Take 3: Finally, I'm getting it all right. The sweater opening is on the right side. The stitch count is correct. Then I was about to start the elephant chart. Using the existing chart with my gauge, the elephant would wrap almost entirely around to midback. Somehow I didn't want it going back that far, so I recharted. Now his bottom will be right at the side. I'm sure both would be cute...we'll see how it looks once I get a little farther. I was also having issues with the color changes. I'm trying to keep it from being too bulky and and trying to figure out the best method. I think I may frog this back and try again. You can see in the picture where the yarn is carried in the back [across the top of the blue section]...the stitches look twisted. Cuteness will prevail!!!!

And in Stash Enhancement news...
Y'all know I can't resist $2 yarn. Well, I had been getting emails that a yarn store was going out of business and the remaining yarn was $2-5 a ball. So Saturday we drove out to a strange place called Westlake Village and checked it out. Thank god GF was there to keep me in check. I only wound up spending $32...and only $18 of that was for yarn intended for me.
Ella Rae Classic
I got 9 balls of Ella Rae Classic in Raspberry. There was another color that both GF and I preferred, but there was only 6 balls...and I needed at least 7. What am I going to make with this lovely yarn? Why, Wisteria! Such a beautiful sweater and only $18 to make?!?! I'm in 7th Heaven!!!

Ella Rae Classic
3 balls of Ella Rae Classic in Denim. GF liked this color, so I told her I would knit her a hat and a scarf. We saw a great neckwarmer at the Diesel store, so I'm going to try to copy that.

Mohairy yarn.
4 balls of Douceur et Soie. I'm not fan of mohair. Nor am I a fan of lace. So, this is yarn will be gifted to my sister, who enjoys both. Well, I'm not so sure about the mohair part. And since she reads this blog, it won't be a surprise gifty. GF had found some boucle yarn in a pretty blue color and thought it would be nice for my sister, but the yarn gave me the painful knitting when I saw this, I thought it would be a better fit. So, happy Fall Solstice, sis!

And with that, I'm officially on a yarn diet.