Friday, September 19, 2008

Cute? Mess? Time Will Tell...

So when we last left it, I was in the midst of a baby sweater meltdown. I somehow couldn't find the perfect pattern to satisfy my baby sweater cuteness needs. I almost gave up and started a simple striped sweater, but somehow in my heart, I knew there was a better fit. So kept searching Ravelry....looking, looking, looking. I printed anything that had potential.

Then I came upon this. Rowan Zoo. How cute is this little vest? Sickeningly sweet...that's how cute it is. I knew immediately the mom would totally love it too. And the yarn colors I have would work perfectly. Unfortunately, my gauge was totally off.

I thought I could recalculate the gauge. But it might throw off the elephant chart...which would mean recharting too. Then I thought of just knitting the smallest size with my gauge, but according to my bad calculations of baby growth and vest size, it would be April when the kid could wear this cute wooly vest. UGH!

I decided to sleep on it.

This morning, I awoke and sat on my bed for a few minutes. I noticed some printed patterns under some clothes and leafed through them. What did I find? This baby sweater pattern. My gauge is close enough to work and I can incorporate the elephant! He could wrap around the side a little bit...wouldn't that be cute? And if I could find some peanut or circus motif buttons!?!?! CUTE OVERLOAD!!!

Unless it just looks a hot mess. I'm going to give it a go this weekend...wish me luck!