Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Week: Costumes

Thankfully, Christie was in a rush this morning and forgot to pack a lame costume for me to wear. I dodged a bullet right there.

Speaking of costumes, Christie had a female friend give her a call yesterday lamenting about how searching for a Halloween costume was the equivalent of her own personal 7th ring of hell. She said everything was slutty and she didn't want to be slutty!

She didn't have much in her wardrobe to work with, but wanted something that would be fun and easy. No fuss, no muss.

I'm sure you've all had issues with finding the right costume. I thought I might give you a few tips on finding something that will work and express your own personal style.

  1. Look in your own backyard. Try to build an outfit from clothes you already own. A sweater set with a pencil skirt and some red lipstick is perfect for a 50's bad girl costume. Put on some khakis, a polo shirt and a sweater thrown around your shoulders and your an 80's trust fund baby. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Enlist your friends. We all have that one creative friend who loves to play dress up. Ask them to go shopping with you or if they are your size, ask if they have an outfit they can spare for the evening. You know they will come up with the perfect idea for you.
  3. Make-up goes a long way. Get some old clothes you're getting rid of, some pale make-up and fake blood and dress as a zombie! And Google can help with make-up application ideas.
  4. Accessories go an even longer way. Costume jewelry and wigs go a long way in making a costume look good. Thrift stores tend to have lots of plastic bangles and beads and necklaces, so that's a great place to start and many box stores stock inexpensive hairpieces this time of year. Also scarves, tights, legwarmers, gloves...almost anything up to and including the kitchen sink can be the perfect accent to a Halloween costume.
  5. Know your current events. Put on your best suit, some glasses and throw your hair in an're Sarah Palin...or put on a flannel and use some red lipliner to draw a backward B on your cheek. Knowing what's going on in the world often makes the funniest costumes.
I hope this gets you started on your path to finding the perfect Halloween costume. Your creativity is limitless! Just use a little imagination!

Oh, I also thought you might like to see a picture of the Funkin all lit up. Looks pretty cool, huh?