Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Week: Glow In The Dark

Hey everyone!

It's all me today as Christie is busy gnashing her teeth and lamenting the fact that it was a year ago today that we were on our way to Paris.

Ah Paris! But on to the subject at hand.

As crafters, I thought it would be fun to present something that might inspire your creativity this Halloween.

That thing is Bernat's Glow in the dark yarn.
This yarn first entered Christie's radar when she saw a post on Jennifer's blog. Looked pretty interesting, so we picked up two skeins on our last trip to Michael's [BTW: it's on sale for $2].

The yarn comes in a few colors, including white, pink and yellow. We didn't have a definite idea of what to make with it, so we chose white.

I had an idea to make an accessory for each of her niece's Halloween costumes [one is dressing as a witch and the other a cat...the new baby is a pumpkin, of course]. It would be good for at least 10 minutes of entertainment. Here's what she came up with.

Yes. A round ball. I guess it could work for the cat.

To make the ball, Christie crocheted a doll head from one of the Owlishy patterns. Pretty easy. Although going down a crochet hook size would have been a good idea as the fabric isn't as dense as I would have liked. But she never listens to me.

So you're wondering what she did with it, right? It can't be as lame as a glow in the dark ball.


Of course not! Last night, she grabbed some black embroidery thread and got to work. She sewed little faces on the white balls to transform them into shrunken heads to go along with the witch costume. Pretty funny. For the hair, she found scraps of different gauge and texture yarn, threaded it through to create a hairline and tied it up in a top knot. The other head shall remain bald.

The string they are hanging from will be braided so that it can be tied to her niece's costume and to keep it from getting tangled. She plans on making two glow in the dark mice to go along with the kitty costume.

Pretty clever!

In case you were wondering what they look like glowing. Here's an idea. We weren't able to expose them to really bright light, unfortunately, but at least they glow!