Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey all! It's me, Poppy with tips and thoughts for your Thanks- giving cele- bration. It's that week we all love.


Turkey, pumpkin pie and everything in between. I can't wait! Neither Christie nor I are really gourmets, so I'm afraid we won't have much in the way of cooking tips. I did want to talk about one thing today and that is getting ready for all that good old holiday family and friends time.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and keeping your sanity should be your top priority. Who can enjoy turkey when they've given themselves an ulcer worrying about this and that?

  • Help! If you're hosting Thanksgiving event, don't be afraid to ask your guests to lend a helping hand or bring one of their specialty dishes. If your attending a gathering, offer to bring something. It could be as simple as a bottle of your favorite wine or a table centerpiece to something as complicated as volunteering to arrive early to help with the cooking or dinner set up.
  • The Good Stuff! Rather than using paper plates and plastic utensils, why not break out the fancy dishware? If your guest list exceeds the number if guests your having, consider visiting your local restaurant supply or discount store for some inexpensive coordinating plates and wine glasses to mix in with your china and crystal.
  • Play It Again, Sam! Music can add fun and festivity to your dinner. Take a moment to put together a playlist of your favorite holiday music...or if you're the music expert of the family, volunteer to make a cd to bring to the party.
  • Drive Safely! A lot of us visit not only family but friends on Thanksgiving, so please, please, please take extra precautions when out on the road.
  • Enjoy Yourself! Do what makes you happy and thankful this Thanksgiving. Regardless of who you spend time with this Thanksgiving, have a good time. Sit by someone you like to talk with, catch up family or friends, and enjoy a great a meal and even better company.
I'm sure most of this is elementary, sometimes the simplest things [like enjoying yourself] fall through the cracks in an effort to create the perfect day.